Absolutely wonderful

My husband and I would highly recommend this company. They took us to so many great places on our 22 day adventure. Our guides were wonderful. Even a landslide did not stop them from giving us a great experience. They were great in accommodating my husbands dietary needs. A tropical storm threatened to stop us from getting from the north to the South Island. Without their quick actions, we would have not made it without barely a hiccup.

Hiking New Zealand is worth every bit of money and time. If we make it back, we will definitely travel again.

A special thank you to Justin, Howie, Eva, and Dan.

Mark & Janet H - March 2018, TripAdvisor

Great trip, great guides, great value!

I did the Ultimate New Zealand trip which our amazing guides took us all over New Zealand. True to their words, we went to places where only the locals or the selected few know about, and the places are amazing! What looked like a random stream on the road and it is in fact a thermal stream which people can enjoy free hot baths! While the name of the company is Hiking New Zealand, the trip does a vast variety of activities, from hiking in 'Mount Doom' Tongariro track, to sea kayaking in Abel Tasman sea, bird viewing tour in Okarito Lagoon on a kayak, mountain biking, and explore Fox Cave which is in complete darkness! The guide of North Island, are very knowledgeable of wildlife and Maroi history, we found we didn't learn much new when we reached the Wellington Musemum because he already told us everything! The guide of South Island, Eigil, is very humorous and keep all of us laughing all the time, I am so in awe of his knowledge in New Zealand historic events and geology! He also knows a lot of good places to get best food and beers which only the locals know! We even had the company owner, Dan, to accompany us, who has such a energetic spirit and great stories to tell! If you are up for awesome experience in wild New Zealand, this is a must-go tour! Don't worry, they don't hiking for 22 days straight, they in fact arrange one to two nights in civilization before or after each long hike, which is very well balanced trip and good time to have beers with the guides and fellow hiking mates!

Chung Wing L - December 2016, TripAdvisor

Ultimate New Zealand at it's best

The "Ultimate New Zealand" was one of the most remarkable experiences of our life. One would never manage to get to know so many beautiful places on both island within 22 days!

Reichlmuc - Germany, February 2016, TripAdvisor

Best decision

Booking this tour was one of the best travel decisions I have made. I did the North and South and was pleased with both. It was three weeks full of hiking and other awesome activities that kept you busy and a great way to see the country. We had a different guide for each of the islands and I don't think we could have had better guides.

Chiara R - January 2016, TripAdvisor

Pushed me out of my comfort zone

This one was perfect in that it pushed me a little outside my comfort zone repeatedly, without ever entering "Why again am I doing this?" terrain. Everything was exciting and sufficiently unalike. The mix of camping and other accommodations was also nicely managed, with just enough returns to "civilization" so you could do laundry fairly often. 

Doubledang - USA, January 2016, TripAdvisor

Dave and Linda's Ultimate New Zealand

I can't believe it....allmost a year is gone by now, since I left Europe to experience the "Ultimate New Zealand" and still the memories are so fresh. 
First the "ultimate north" with Linda's contagious cheerfulness and her inspiring spirit, was the perfect beginning of the trip. 
For the "ultimate south" Dave was the "ultimate guide" ;) and a great pal. He managed to bring the group together within an instant and gave us the free space we needed without a lag of security. 
I recommend this trip to everyone how wants to get an overview of New Zealand and a glance of the kiwi spirit!


Phill - Austria, December 2014, TripAdvisor

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