Travel is one of the best ways of getting out and seeing the world in style. However, many of us can let our healthy routines slip when we’re exploring. The pull of all you-can-eat food and drink, plus the thought of sitting on the beach all day, can actually do us more harm than good when travelling. You may even come back feeling as though you need another holiday! If you want to look after your health when travelling, here are five easy ways to do just that.


1. Keep active              

When you’re travelling, you have to make sure ywalking 1ou keep active as much as possible. It’s likely you’ll be doing a fair amount of walking or cycling if you’re the kind of person who likes an active holiday, which is always a plus. Public transport might seem like the easy option in lots of places, but you should always elect to walk if you get the chance. 

The ultimate trip would be a hiking adventure – there are countless health benefits to hiking, such as actually helping increase the size of your brain! Of course, you can still spend a day or two just lounging around the pool when you need some downtime.


2. Try to eat well

Okay, you’re on holiday, and will want to indulge a fair amount which is totally fine. However, you also need to make sure you try to eat well at the same time. This means having plenty of fruit, vegetables, and salad, and avoiding too much junk food. Stay away from the mini bar, and try to have a structured mealtime plan every day like you do at home. If you can eat right, you will be very well placed to improve your health and stay in peak physical condition all trip.


3. Stay hydrated

One of the most important things to keep in mind is staying hydrated. This means you need to be drinking a lot of water, but it needs to be safe and clean water. In some countries, you need to stick to bottled water and avoid tap water at all costs. Not all countries have drinkable tap water, so do your research before heading off. Don’t forget fresh salad washed in tap water and ice cubes will also need to be avoided!


4. Get out and aboutCpfNz LWgAAoeXk4

Getting out and about is essential, especially during the day. We all know that being active can go a long way towards helping you get healthier, but even just being out in the fresh air and the sun can help a lot as well. Sitting on a beach or by a lake with a good book is a great way of getting out and enjoying the fresh air.This is a wonderful source of Vitamin D and the fresh air is also excellent for clearing your head and making you feel as energised as possible.


5. Take your medication with you

If you have medication you take regularly, you need to make sure you take it with you – don’t just assume you’ll be able to get it wherever you’re visiting.

Pre-existing medical conditions aren’t always an issue when out travelling, but they do need to be managed to save stress and money. For instance, did you know a medical evacuation from the United States can cost as much as £45,000 (that’s nearly $90,000 NZD)?! Make sure you avoid any chance of this happening by bringing your medication with you and ensuring you take it when needed. Look into the process of taking your medication through customs with you, and make sure this is a priority for your trip if you have a medical condition.


As you can see, there are plenty of techniques you can employ that will have a positive impact on your health over the course of the trip. Try to use these tips to help you stay fit, healthy, and safe during your travels.


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