Oct 27, 2017

The beauty of New Zealand’s great outdoors is best explored on foot. There is simply no better way to experience what this breathtaking and varied country has to offer. From incredible landscapes to unique nature, perfect hiking conditions, contrasting scenery and culture; family fun can take on a whole new meaning if you choose to hike in New Zealand. If you are planning a New Zealand holiday for you and your family, let us convince you that a hiking holiday in New Zealand would be an ideal option for you.



Reasons to Hike in New Zealand

Outstanding and Unspoiled Natural Beauty

New Zealand’s nature is unspoiled and offers an amount of variety that remains unmatched. Whether you want to hike along a beach or in the densely covered rainforest, New Zealand offers unique hiking adventures for you.


You can even go tramping along deep blue fjords or climb up an active volcano, whatever you prefer. One thing that stands out to hikers in New Zealand is that the nature is intact and protected. This is because many parts of the country hold significance to all New Zealanders. The conservation of the environment is therefore a necessary aspect of New Zealand.

Superior Hiking Conditions

Hiking in New Zealand would be perfect for you and your family because the conditions are quite ideal. The Department of Conservation (DOC) in New Zealand ensures the protection and preservation of the nature and environment of the country. Signposting on the trails in the ‘front country’ in New Zealand is also above par. As with any overseas travel it is imperative you have travel insurance and many guided hiking operators will ask for your insurance policy number so do talk to your insurance provider, State Travel Insurance.



Hiking Trails for all Levels

With the huge amount of hiking trails in New Zealand, it’s no wonder hiking remains one of the country’s favourite activities. Even if your family is small with young children, you can still enjoy a unique and memorable hiking experience in New Zealand. The different hiking level trails and the different landscapes offer something different to different people. Whether you prefer volcanic moon-scape scenery or golden sandy beaches with the beautiful blue sea lapping at your heels, New Zealand hikes offer it all.

Great Hikes are Easy to Find

Finding a suitable hike in New Zealand is very easy. Talk to the team at Hiking New Zealand or the Department of Conservation’s visitor centres, and  get information about what trails best suit your family and their ability. The trails vary incredibly so you need to be informed to ensure you make the right choice.  

Every Region Offers Something Different

New Zealand is full of beautiful spots to safely engage in hiking activities. You can easily discover suitable hikes in breathtaking landscapes and hiking levels that fit you and your family perfectly. There’s so much to discover from volcanic landscapes to impressive glaciers, and picturesque lakes to amazing coastlines.



Famous for accessible bush walks and civilised towns this lush historic landscape is fun to explore. Jagged mountain peaks, waterfalls, kauri forest, abandoned gold mines and glistening white sand beaches.


Wilderness lakes, hiking trails, geothermal wonders and a thriving Maori culture. Thrilling adventures as well as relaxing walking sojourns.

Tongariro Volcanoes

Hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing – it’s simply outstanding. Or hike other trails through this awe-inspiring scenery. Go hard or take it easy.

Queen Charlotte Sound

Step off the inter-island ferry at Picton - the heart of the Marlborough Sounds. 4000 square kilometres of waterways, islands, peninsulas and wilderness. Hike, kayak, mountain bike or simply flop.

Abel Tasman

Golden beaches, azure waters, and wilderness only accessible by boat or foot. There are lodges for luxury seekers, and charming huts for the more adventurous.


New Zealand’s most accessible fiord, bounded by waterfall-cliffs and dense forest. The drive to here IS the destination. Once at Milford just ogle the landscape.


kayaking milford sound


All New Zealand hiking adventures offer highlights in addition to some off-the–beaten track attractions. To make the most of your time in the great outdoors, be sure to choose diverse and exciting hiking tours. You can also engage in a range of activities such as white water rafting, sea kayaking, and glacier walking to complement your awesome hikes. There’s so much to explore from iconic destinations to wilderness campsites and comfortable lodges. There’s no doubt that a hiking trip in New Zealand is just what your family needs.

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