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Top Tips for Hiking with Kids

Michelle's top tips for hiking with kids 

My husband and I first took our two children, Maisie, now…

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Tailor-made Holidays

Talk to us. You won’t get lost in a big organisation because we are small enough to really look afte…

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Hiking Tracks in Nelson Lakes

As the end of my internship here at Hiking New Zealand drew closer, I was asked to join a weekend hi…

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Hiking With Kids

If hiking is an important part of your life - and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t…


Family Fun - The Why and the Where

The beauty of New Zealand’s great outdoors is best explored on foot. There is simply no better way t…

Princess Bath

Taking a Bath with a Princess

My son was pestering me that it was time I took him hiking again, and while it’s great to have kids …

90 Mile Camp

Rediscovering the Far North

The day finally dawned and we were on a roadie heading north out of Auckland; our destination - the …


Day walk from Christchurch for the family

Mt Richardson - via Blowhard Track and Richardson Track


The Blowhard Track starts from t…


Abel Tasman - Fun Mums Only


There is no denying we are a hiking family. You can’t own a business called Hikin…


Family Adventures




NEW TOURS - The Family Northern Explorer  includes plenty of swimming in secret coves of tu…


Queen Charlotte Track - A Family Adventure

The cool waters of the Queen Charlotte Sounds beckoned this summer and what better way to explore…


Family Hiking - fun for everyone



Hiking as a family is great! Walking, talking and discovering cool things with your kids is so…

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