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Taranaki Falls plunge into a boulder-ringed pool - a great spot for a picnic.
Hike through tussock landscape.
Explore the volcanic landscape.
Handy option for your walking pole - use it as a selfie stick!
The sensational Emerald Lakes.
Explore the extraordinary Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
Discover the colourful Crater Lakes.
Short rest from the hiking in the Mars-like landscape.
Hiking through Tongariro's tussock.
Remarkable picture of Tongariro National Park.
Splendid sunrise over Mt Ngauruhoe.
Hike with views to the active stratovolcano Mt Ngauruhoe.
Breathtaking aerial picture of Tongariro National Park.
Taking a break to enjoy the fascinating Emerald Lakes.
Mysterious mountain front.
Tongariro National Park caters for numerous great picture opportunities.
Tongariro National Park - simply impressive!
Hikers in front of impressive Mt Ngauruhoe.
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