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Tekapo is the second largest lake in the Mackenzie country, The radiant turquoise colour is caused from finely ground rock flour suspended in the water.
Easy to follow paths surrounded by a vast basin of golden tussock grass.
Rex Simpson hut high above Lake Tekapo, what a view!
New Zealand Falcon, it is the country’s most threatened bird of prey with only around 3000–5000 breeding pairs remaining.
Clear skies by day, magical stargazing by night. Tekapo was voted one of the worlds best locations for stargazing.
Incredible rugged mountain ranges were carved from melting glaciers.
700 metres above sea level, Lake Tekapo is the highest lake in the Mackenzie Basin.
Check out an original musterers' hut nestled between the rolling hills.
Walk along the ridge and take in the panoramic views.
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