Days: 7 days
Start/Finish: Christchurch
Accommodation: Backcountry Huts, Cabins, Camping
Grade: D+ (Some untracked and uneven terrain. )
Departs: On Group Request
icon multi day hike

This trip is two back-to-back multi-day hikes through some of New Zealand’s finest backcountry. A stunning alpine traverse in Nelson Lakes National Park to Kahurangi’s magnificent limestone plateaus with a magical Lord of the Rings feel. Vast beech forests, mountains to climb and rivers so pure you can drink the water. Imagine a small group of like-minded people sitting around a fire, miles from anywhere, spinning yarns. New places, new challenges, great friends. And better travel stories!

We are not the army, but this trip is definitely recommended for people who are regular hikers and consider themselves to be reasonably fit. It’s for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge and like to get off the tourist tracks and into the real back country.

This is a sample itinerary of what we can offer for custom groups. If you have the group of four or more we can craft a trip that suits you.



»  Challenging multi-day hikes in remote backcountry
»  Diverse wilderness landscapes of beech forest, karst landforms and tussock-lands
»  Experience unique wilderness in two of New Zealand’s National Parks
»  Backcountry huts and wild-camping


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