Great trip!

Having made other plans for the South Island, we were thrilled that Hiking NZ offered a separate trip in the north. Our trip could not have been better. Because we are older (in our 70's), we had some anxiety about whether we could do the hiking and whether we would hold others up. These concerns turned out to be unwarranted. Yes, on some hikes we were slower than some of our companions. This didn't seem to phase either the other guests or our guides. Eva served as "sweep" and saw that we made it to the end of each hike without incident. For those of us at the back, she served as a lovely companion. 
The Tongariro Alpine Crossing was the highlight for us, and, with Justin and Eva guiding, we managed the hike, including the few hundred yards of scree that had been on our minds for days. Hikes and activities other than Tongariro exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed keeping very busy.
The food and accommodations were terrific. We hadn't expected such luxury.

Bethesda - Australia, February 2019, TripAdvisor

Fantastic Adventure

Did the Northern Portion for 5 days 4 nights - it was fantastic! Well organized, great guide and driver (Justin), and helpful client service (Magan) who assisted me in many questions on the bookings etc.
NZ North island is beautiful, love the volcano mountains and thermal pools we went aside from hiking.
Meal was great especially love the picnic on-the-go much more flexible and casual and closer to nature! Accommodations were all very neat clean and comfortable good nights stay throughout the trip
Justin was a former park ranger who kept us well informed on all local and park histories etc. I like the pace of itinerary just fits my expectations perfectly - not too hectic or too layback. Just right and very comfortable.
Thank you for such a great trip with the epic Tongariro crossing - I had a taste of the mountain experiences which was exciting and unforgettable!

Kittenator - Hong Kong, December 2018, TripAdvisor

Northern Portion - NZ Uncut

In 5 days there is a lot packed in, but the pace feels about right. Lots of lovely walks, with the Tongariro crossing the last and most spectacular. Very good accommodation and meals along the way. A thoroughly enjoyable way to see the natural beauty of the north island.

Linda M - Australia, January 2018, TripAdvisor

Best hiking experience ever!

Our experience with Hiking New Zealand, (Northern Portion ) and most particularly our guide, Justin, couldn't have been better. Despite the unpredictable weather Justin assessed and reassessed the best routes and days in order to make our hikes successful. His knowledge of all things environmental added an element of interest we had not anticipated. Additionally , Justin was a great cook and an affable companion to our small group. It was an excellent experience and we would recommend Hiking New Zealand to anyone wishing to explore the beauty of New Zealand.

Bytown - Canada, April 2017, TripAdvisor

Wonderful itinerary, guides, accommodations, hikes - Northern Portion

Every detail was taken care of. I loved not having to think about driving, food, lodgings, pit stops, trail maps, etc. Hiking New Zealand even offered to supply rain gear (no charge), which I took them up on and it saved me from having to check a bag. They provided excellent information in advance so I was well prepared with what I did bring. As a solo traveller, I was very comfortable with the small group and our two knowledgeable, engaging guides. I saw and learned more than I ever would have on my own.

AmandaCA_001 - USA, February 2017, TripAdvisor

Fantastic hikes!

I recently did the Northern Portion of New Zealand Uncut with Hiking New Zealand and it was a great introduction to the North Island. We were picked up in Auckland and drove in a comfortable Mercedes van to Rotorua with stops along the way exploring and hiking along the way. We then made our way to Lake Taupo and did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing along with other hikes...fantastic! Our guide Kath was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. If you like hiking but prefer not to camp and only carry a day pack this is a great way to explore the North Island. Can't wait to return!

Marc - USA, March 2016, TripAdvisor

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