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West of the Tongariro crossing near Mt Tongariro, Mt Ngauruhoe & Mt Ruapehu behind
Mt Ngauruhoe from Chateau Tongariro
Looking north over Emerald Lakes from the summit of the Tongariro crossing
Time for a cool-off before the water taxi pick-up, Lake Tarawera
Chateau Tongariro Hotel in winter, a great summer spot for us too; opulent old-world charm - NZ's Raj perhaps?!
One gentleman helps another cross the tepid Ketetahi stream, Tongariro Alpine Crossing
 A mid hike hot pool along the Tarawera trek
Clear streams run through the ash-filtered soils, alpine hebes & and herb fields, Tongariro National Park.
Waitomo, Ruakuri limestone Canyon walk
Made it over the the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
Crossing the 2012 lahar paths from the hydrothermal eruption -Tongariro Alpine Crossing
Water Taxi Tarawera
Mixed podocarp and beech forest beside the serene Lake Rotoponamu.
Mt Tarawera last erupted in 1886, the lake is warmed still from the thermal emissions
Poolside luxury at the Distinction Hotel in Rotorua
The neon green Devil's Bath, Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, Rotorua.
Walking the Tongariro Crossing, towel anyone?
Huka Falls, the huge Waikato River thunders through a chasm
Red Crater, walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, Mt Ngauruhoe distant
 Lake Tarawera from the Trail
A natural hot river near Rotorua
Exploring Waiotapu thermal areas near Rotorua
Tongariro's Emerald Lakes (Ngarotopounamu), mid walk, colors are from minerals and milkiness from suspended clay particles
Scree walking near the summit of the Tongariro Crossing, Tongariro National Park
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