This was an amazing trip. More than I ever thought it would be. Jackie and Maddie were fantastic and knowledgeable guides. They made the trip very enjoyable. Will recommend this trip to my friends. Loved every minute of it.

Mary W. - Indiana, USA, August 2018

Best trip ever!

On our trip we were surrounded by beauty. From our guides to the scenic countryside everything was relaxed and accommodating. We loved the variety of activities from hiking and biking to floating in the underground caves. Meals were healthy and delicious prepared by our lovely guide. I definitely want to visit again and get to know the South Island!

Tricia T - Washington, USA, August 2018

Provided a first-class experience

The North Island Adventure trip was absolutely fantastic. As a teacher, I was responsible for taking students on many trips (everything from camping to snow skiing). I know the planning and organization needed to provide a first-class experience. Lina anticipated our needs before we knew we were going to have the needs. This included everything from food and snacks to information on how to prepare for the experience. She was calm and filled with humor and joy. I was able to totally turn over the planning to her and just enjoy the trip. The accommodation were roomy and provided for our comfort. They were in beautiful settings in the spirit of the experience. Food was excellent from lamb chops to fish and chips and always salads or vegetables to go along with the entree. The trip was personalized so that it met each person's goals and allowed for the most adventurous or fit to the more sedate. I was not sure how this would be done but it was done each time we took on an activity. I saw New Zealand, which brought out the most of its beauty and spirit. I can not recommend this highly enough. It was the best part of the month I spent in Australia and New Zealand. I felt that it was a good deal economically because it included all cost from transportation in NZ and accommodations to entry fees and food. Thanks for a great experience!!

Brenda Segall - Georgia, USA, March 2013

The trip was that it was over too soon!

My husband and I had a great time. Pieke and Sarah were wonderful guides and hostesses. They helped make sure everyone, no matter what their fitness level, had a great time and enjoyed all of the activities. The only problem I had with the trip was that it was over too soon. I enjoyed every day of the trip and am still smiling two weeks later

Sheryl Wells - Arizona, USA, December 2012

Incredible Guides

This was an amazing trip with incredible guides. We saw some awesome sights and made unforgettable memories. By far one of my favourite trips I've ever taken and would join Hiking New Zealand again in a heartbeat.

Erin Feldman - Indiana, USA, December 2012

I felt comfortable and relaxed and right at home

This was absolutely the best vacation I have ever been on and could have ever wished for. Absolutely stress free - everything was taken care of. I never had to worry about any of the details. It was fabulous to just sit back and know that everything was already set; food, accommodations, bathroom breaks. I got to see things that I had only seen in movies- but I got to see where the movies took place. It was challenging, but it was such an adventure and an adrenaline rush to reach the top of the first mountain I had ever touched in person. There is not a single negative issue about this trip. I felt comfortable and relaxed and right at home. Can I come back and live on someone's back porch???

Jessica Jones - Ohio, USA, February 2012

Very knowledgeable and professional

Grant is a terrific guide (and cook!) who took great care of us. He is very knowledgeable and professional and has a great sense of humour. Anyone who can teach Stella how to mountain bike deserves a medal!

Dave Wheeler - United Kingdom, January 2012

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