Absolutely wonderful

An absolutely wonderful adventure and the people who made it exceptional where our two guides, Claire and Holly. Both were very organised, fun and professional!

Jeanne K - British Columbia, Canada, May 2018

Adventure of a lifetime!

The guides can either make or break a trip, so I was thrilled to experience the best! I'm so impressed with their knowledge, fun spirit, culinary skills, and especially, their attention to details! I couldn't believe how they catered to each individual's needs of preferences! Of course, the scenery and hikes were amazing everywhere we explored! How can you go wrong with New Zealand landscape?! Top notch all the way!

Kathy V - California, USA, April 2018

We felt we got excellent value for the money we spent

Milford Quest was well planned and enjoyable from beginning to end. The variety of experiences was great. We saw most of what the South Island offers, and got plenty of walking every day. The food was excellent. The hikers in our group were all interesting and enjoyable people, and I felt that we were all able to do things at our own pace, with choices to do longer or harder hikes depending on individual preference. I hope we will come back in a year or two to do a North Island trip. We felt we got excellent value for the money we spent.

Linda Smith - California, USA, January 2013

The hikes were great and the guide always had plan A, B or C ready to go

This trip introduced me to the most exceedingly awesome place! I loved the way Hiking New Zealand ran the trip. We were always doing something and never bored. I was a little tired on day 3, but after that it was pure enjoyment. I love the food cooked by Heather - yum - and Lauren was awesome with all her knowledge and stories. She is the most nice guide I've ever had. She could handle anything. The hikes were great and she always had plan A, B, or C ready to go.

Trisha Ackerman - Colorado, USA, December 2012

We hiked by sparkling lakes

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful view of New Zealand. Our tour of two weeks managed to provide a picture of NZ's beautiful landscape diversity. We hiked by sparkling lakes, through green and luscious rainforests, along coastal shores with pounding waves, and up onto mountain trails with stunning overviews. With thoughtful and knowledgeable guides, it was an absolutely awesome trip. Thank you.

Judy Austin - Pennsylvania, USA, February 2012

New Zealand is as awesome as people say it is

A really enjoyable trip! New Zealand is as awesome as people say it is, wonderful scenery, good food and friendly locals. Our guides knew their stuff and looked after us very well. The accommodation & food were always of a high standard.

Jan Jarman - United Kingdom, January 2012

Most beautiful parts of New Zealand

An excellent way to find the most beautiful parts of New Zealand you could easily miss as an independant traveller. Many thanks to all for a great holiday

Harriet Grant - United Kingdom, February 2011

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