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Pyke River with misty Mt Madeleine in the background
Stunning sceneries are awaiting you
Soaking in the views along the Hollyford Track.
Lake McKerrow running through the lush Hollyford Valley.
Happy hikers on Fiordland's longest swing bridge.
Motivated group at the start of the Hollyford Track.
The scenic Long Reef, Martins Bay.
Taking a break on the beach.
Make some new friends along the way.
Jet boating on the Hollyford River.
Explore the luscious forest.
Perfect reflection of Mt Madeline on Lake Alabaster.
Exploring the Hollyford River the adrenaline way.
What a perfect day for hiking!
Caught some of the vulnerable Snares Penguins on camera.
Hiking in good company on the Hollyford Track.
Impressive picture of the Upper Hollyford River.
Turquoise Upper Hollyford River with Darran Mountains in the back.
Another beautiful shot of the lovely Pyke River.
Picturesque Long Reef, Martins Bay.
Enjoy a night at the cozy Martins Bay Lodge.
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