Active but not overwhelming

We truly loved this trip. The agenda was perfect - it covered all the highlights of the South Island. The guides are very helpful and attentive. Traveling in a small group is so much better than a large bus experience. 

Michael & Karen A - USA, March 2018


This is truly a unique trip with amazing scenery, first class accommodations and food, combined with diversity of fun physical activities (hiking, boating, kayaking, helicopters, and cave tubing. Wow!). Our guides were fantastic and made this already amazing trip extra special.

Jack & Maureen L - USA, February 2017

Fantastic trip

This is a fantastic way to get a taste of most of the South Island and some of its iconic tracks. I do not believe there could be a better way to introduce the traveler to the South Island who wants to hike, but also likes good meals, hot showers, and a comfortable bed, than "Grand Trails of the South".

Marc L - USA, March 2016

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