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Pitch a tent if you prefer a room to yourself.
Take your time on these trails. Catch your breath and enjoy the view.
The Edwards valley tumbling downstream over greywacke and schist boulders.
Following rivers is an integral part of back-country travel in New Zealand
Refuelling after the hike
Crossing the Mingha River with Mt Williams in the background.
All packed and ready to hike
Hut life, a place for yarns, cups of tea, great food and a bed for the night.
Strategically place tree roots make the climbs easier!
Loving the river crossings!
Edwards Hut - a welcome sight at the end of the day!
Leaving the forest behind and hiking alongside the Edwards River
Moss laden beech forests
High above Edwards hut near Williams Saddle
Emerging into the wide and braided Mingha river bed
Stopping for a drink. Pristine and drinkable water is in abundance on this hike.
Negotiating a natural staircase of rock and tree roots
Silver, Red and Mountain Beech dominate the forests of Arthurs Pass
No bridges here - your boots will get wet.
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