Dec 18, 2019

Jessi Meyer:


Jessi is enthusiastic and passionate about the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. Her history of incredible travel and community projects are inspiring and make for interesting storytelling at camp. You will be well looked after on Jessi's trips, she is a lot of fun and can whip up a delicious meal!


New Zealand Hiking Guide


What do you get up to when you are not guiding? 

When I'm not guiding or walking in the mountains on a multi-day mission, you will certainly find me outside; but not likely in the same place. My partner and I love to travel. We like to sail, cave, climb and dive. I am quite passionate about sharing nature connection with children, through naturalist skills and song writing/storytelling.

I enjoy maintaining a yoga practice and foraging delicious foods in the garden. You can also find me slinging pottery, or crafting with natural objects.

I very recently apprenticed at the Holistic Survival School in North Carolina where I learned to brain-tan hides, make bark baskets, I also made a drum, spoons, etc.


As a guide what is a top tip you would pass on to our hikers?

Just get your boots wet and keep smiling!


Sharing a laugh is such a benefit of group travel, share with us one of your funny moments on a trip?

Ooohhh…one time I might have accidentally hit a client with a paddle while on the waka tour. It was a gentle stroke, but I felt so bad. The buggers never let me live it down. The entire trip they teased me and each other about being "obedient otherwise Jessi will get out the paddle." Although it brought much humour I've vowed to myself never to let it happen again.


New Zealand Hiking Guides


What is one of the things you love most about your job?

I never get sick of the rambunctious beauty that creates this island. Being able to share this beauty with others is the ultimate gratification. I'm a bit of a romantic, and when I get to spend this much time in such gorgeous landscapes I have inspiration pouring out of my ears. So much of my creative processes are born in the wilds of New Zealand.


Favourite place to hike and why?

Arthur's Pass National. This is probably because it's the place I'm most familiar with. I have probably spent 2-3 months walking in this particular park since I moved to NZ three years ago. I also love that it's along the divide, so depending upon where the weather is coming from you can just hop, skip and jump to the other side and the mighty Alps will (often) protect you.



"I can’t recommend Jessi enough as a guide, not only because of her incredible knowledge of the landscape and the surrounding environments but also due to her total professionalism."


"I found our local guides Jessi and Sarah were the ultimate professionals in getting our group around, cooking for us, hiking with us and imparting their intimate knowledge of the geography, wildlife and culture of this amazing country. I highly recommend Hiking New Zealand and would do another trek with them in a heartbeat"


"Jessi from Hiking New Zealand was amazing from the outset. Totally organised and has an expansive knowledge of the country. The hikes and conditions as well as a strong connection to the environment. I can't recommend Hiking New Zealand highly enough!"

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