We were again blown away with the amazing pictures our adventurers submitted...

Starting with Alexandra, who has joined the Ultimate South in November 2015:

Alexandra Poetschke Ultimate South Nov 17th 2015 Explore a creek near the Ballroom Overhang in Paparoa NP

This picture shows a creek near the Ballroom Overhang in Paparoa National Park, where the group has set up their camp. The different shades of green make the scenery just magical. 


Alexandra Poetschke Ultimate South Nov 17th 2015 Kayaking in Abel Tasman

Kayaking in the Abel Tasman National Park: beautiful weather, crystal clear water and remote beaches. 


Alexandra Poetschke Ultimate South Nov 17th 2015 Morning camp at the base of AorakiMt Cook

What a camping spot! Who does not want to wake up with such a stunning mountain scenery!? - Aoraki, Mt. Cook

The entries continued with John, who was on the Hollyford Track in November 2015.


John Zhu Hollyford Track Nov 22nd 2015 2

Together with his group, John enjoyed 3 full days in the Fiordland National Park. The weather was probably not as good as expected but didn't influence the impressive views.


Limo Song Ultimate North Oturere hut Dec 27th 2015.1

Limo, who explored the North island on our Ulitmate North, has amazed us with capturing a breathtaking sunset from the Oturere Hut in the Tongariro National Park in December 2015. 

Nonetheless, Natalia Shulman, who did the whole Ultimate New Zealand, has set the standards really high. Two of her pictures were on in the Top 3 picked by each member of the Hiking New Zealand team: 


Natalia Shulmann Ultimate NZ Nov2015 Day17 33

Cruising the Milford Sound...what a happy bunch!


Natalia Shulmann Ultimate NZ Nov2015 Day20 34

Natalia's magical shot of Mt Cook got us all excited and jealous in the office. That is why Natalia won the NZ$100 Amazon voucher, well deserved!

And of course thank you to all the other stunning entries, we can't wait for the January drawing.

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