Kiwi-style hiking trips get far away from the maddening crowds and into the real New Zealand. Most trips mix multi-day hikes (in different National Parks) with vehicle-based touring. These tours are rugged and the facilities can be basic at times: camp, stay in backcountry huts or sleep under the stars. Super small groups -maximum group size 11.

On these trips everyone lends a hand: whether it’s cooking over a campfire, collecting firewood or pitching a tent together. There’s nothing quite like wrestling a tent in the wind to get to know your fellow travellers.

No multi-day hiking experience is needed but you need to be a good walker and able to carry a backpack. And yes, occasionally you might just get your feet wet!

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Ultimate New Zealand

Days: 22 days
Start/Finish: Auckland / Christchurch
Price: NZD $5,900.00
Accommodation: Backcountry Huts, Cabins, Camping, Lodges


The Ultimate New Zealand experience! This trip encompasses the very best that New Zealand has to offer - hike the best sections of the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk and explore the volcanic wonderland of Tongariro National Park.

Ultimate North

Days: 7 days
Start/Finish: Auckland / Wellington
Price: NZD $2,200.00
Accommodation: Backcountry Huts, Camping, Lodges


For those who have a little less time but want to experience the very best that the North Island can offer the Ultimate North is the ideal choice. Explore thermal areas in Rotorua.

Ultimate South

Days: 15 days
Start/Finish: Nelson / Christchurch
Price: NZD $3,850.00
Accommodation: Backcountry Huts, Cabins, Camping, Lodges


A remarkable journey that begins walking among the golden beaches and lapping waters of the Abel Tasman National Park. Travel south to the lush rainforests of the West Coast where there is the chance to explore...

Spring Wanderer

Days: 7 days
Start/Finish: Nelson / Queenstown
Price: NZD $1,700.00
Accommodation: Backcountry Huts, Camping


The early season trip will be a one-off departure for this season. It includes some of the highlights of our Ultimate South tour and guarantees to be a week of adventure – including stunning hikes and kayaking.

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