Jul 24th, 2019

New Zealand has enforced a new law for entering the country which may apply to you. It is important to make sure you meet the entry requirements before departing for your trip. This blog has everything you need to know about the NZeTA and IVL and how to apply.


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What is the NZeTA?

The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority is a new border security measure which has been introduced by the New Zealand Government for travellers entering the country from the 1st October 2019. The main purpose behind the NZeTA is to strengthen and speed up border security when you enter the country. Visitors and transit passengers can apply for the NZeTA from July 2019; processing time can take up to 72 hours. The NZeTA lasts up to two years and can be used for multiple visits within that time frame.

It is important to note that the NZeTA is not a visa and doesn’t guarantee entry into New Zealand. All travellers will still need to meet the existing entry requirements for their particular passports.


Who needs an NZeTA?

You will need to apply for an NZeTA if you are from a visa waiver country. Visa waiver countries are those who do not need to apply for a visa when visiting New Zealand for up to 3 months at a time. If you are a British citizen and only visiting New Zealand for up to 6 months without a visa then you will need to apply for an NZeTA. If you are an Australian permanent resident and do not hold an Australia passport you will also need to apply for an NZeTA (Australia citizens are exempt).

If you are travelling on a passport from a visa waiver country and only transiting through New Zealand, you still require an NZeTA. (visa waiver countries)

If you don’t have a valid NZeTA when checking in for your flight, you will be denied boarding.


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Who does not need an NZeTA?

If you are a New Zealand or Australian Passport holder you don’t require a NZeTA. If you are travelling on a passport which holds a valid visa to enter New Zealand, then you do not need to apply for the NZeTA.


How do I request an NZeTA and how much does it cost?

Your Travel Agent can help you fill in the mobile app or website form but they will require your consent and the following information from you:

  • Passport details

  • A recent photo

  • Contact details such as an email address 

  • Proof of eligibility to travel to NZ such as a declaration about criminal conviction history and reason for travel.

It is important to make sure you are applying for your NZeTA on the official New Zealand Government websiteThere is an official INZ app which will be available from July 2019 which will allow you to apply and pay for the NZeTA on the mobile app.

There is a small fee to pay for your NZeTA


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What is the IVL?

IVL stands for International Visitors Conservation and Tourism Levy. This is a connected Government initiative which some travelers are to pay before entering New Zealand. The IVL has been put in place after monitoring the increasing number of visitors to New Zealand over the past few years. The purpose of the IVL is an easy way for visitors to contribute towards New Zealand's tourism infrastructure and to help protect the natural environment you use during your stay.


Who needs to pay an IVL?

Only some people traveling to New Zealand must pay an IVL. This all depends on the passport you are travelling on, your reason for coming to New Zealand and the type of visa you apply for (if your passport requires you to have a visa).

It is best to ask your Travel agent if you need to pay an IVL before you leave for your trip or you can check using the online tool.

Who does not need to pay an IVL?

You do not need to pay an IVL if you hold a New Zealand or Australian Passport or a passport from many Pacific Island nations. If you hold a New Zealand residents Visa you will also not need to pay an IVL. If you are unsure if your visa exempts you from paying an IVL, please check with your Travel Agent or by using the online tool. If you are a transit passenger arriving and leaving from Auckland International airport, you do not need to pay an IVL.


How do I pay for an IVL?

You can pay for your IVL in the same transaction when you register for the NZeTA. For passport holders who require a visa to enter New Zealand such as a visitors visa, study visa or work visa, you can pay for your IVL in the same transaction when you apply for your visa. 

The IVL costs NZ$35 and if required will be charged automatically to make it easier for you.


We look forward to welcoming you to New Zealand. For a stress-free arrival make sure to speak to your Travel Agent about your entry requirements before departing on your trip of a lifetime.

See you soon!



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