Jun 27, 2017

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 Consistently achieving outstanding traveller reviews means Hiking New Zealand has received the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor once again. 

We are stoked! We strive to provide the best possible guided hiking trip for all those who choose to travel with us and this award is validation that our hikers think we are doing a great job too.

Independent reviews are valuable so to be in the top 10% of businesses listed on Trip Advisor is an honour.


Thanks to all our past hikers who have taken the time to write a review and helped us achieve the 2017 Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor:

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“New Zealand Hiking trip was awesome”

Booking the trip was effortless and Angela in the home office answered all our questions quickly and efficiently. Our guides (Justin on the North Island, Martin on the South Island) were both extremely knowledgeable about New Zealand's flora, fauna, geology, and cultural history. They were friendly, helpful, patient, and charming with great senses of humor. Special thanks to Justin for correctly assessing the weather and switching the planned hike days to make the Tongariro Alpine Crossing both possible and excellent! New Zealand is spectacularly beautiful -- volcanoes, huge mountain ranges, forests, plains, unspoiled coastlines and majestic fiords -- they have it all (and the vast, lush forests with immense tree ferns will give you a little taste of the Jurassic!).

The 13 day "New Zealand Uncut" hiking trip gives you a great overview of what both Islands have to offer. I highly recommend this company. Cheers!

Ashley – USA, April 2017, Trip Advisor


“Best hiking experience ever!”

Our experience with Hiking New Zealand, (Northern Portion) and most particularly our guide, Justin, couldn't have been better. Despite the unpredictable weather Justin assessed and reassessed the best routes and days in order to make our hikes successful. His knowledge of all things environmental added an element of interest we had not anticipated. Additionally, Justin was a great cook and an affable companion to our small group. It was an excellent experience and we would recommend Hiking New Zealand to anyone wishing to explore the beauty of New Zealand.

Bytown – USA, April 2017, Trip Advisor

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“Ultimate South - 15 day trip with Rory”

Had been hiking with Hiking New Zealand 16 years ago, and I wanted to do another trip with them. In February I finally came back to NZ and did the 15 day Ultimate South trip. It was fantastic and fully lived up to my high expectations! And even the weather was great - most of the time. Only 3 rainy days out of 15, not too bad for the notoriously wet South Island ;-) Your feet will become sustainably wet on the river crossings, but this creates a cosy cushion of water in your boots and you will love it - except for the day after when you put on the wet shoes again. Yet it's only the first couple of minutes and then you will be fine. You will also have breathtaking views of the sea, the mountains, glaciers, etc.

If you are looking for a great kiwi hiking experience mostly off the beaten tracks - this is it! And if you are lucky enough to have a great and fun guide like Rory and the best group ever, you will never forget this trip! Go for it!

Sylvia G – March 2017, Trip Advisor


“Great hiking trip for a family group”

Hiking New Zealand organized a great trip for our family comprising ages 5 years to 70. Our guide Malcolm was professional, friendly, well organized and flexible. He contacted us before arrival to suggest a delay of a day if possible due to poor weather forecasts and during the 3-day trip constantly assessed the weather and planned each day according to that. Consequently, the day our party did the Tongariro crossing was magnificent. Malcolm was thoughtful and considerate, sharing his extensive knowledge about the areas we went to, educating us about the environment and history and ensuring the best outcomes for each person in our group.

Our trip was best summed up by my 7-year-old granddaughter - the best thing about our trip was meeting Malcolm.
We had a really great time and would highly recommend Hiking New Zealand.

Rhonnie – Australia, May 2017, Trip Advisor


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