Thank you for an adventure of a lifetime!

I think it will be the only time I ever slept in a mountain hut or hiked in freezing conditions. I did it myself and I'm so proud of it. I had so many highlights but the purpose of this journey was to challenge my pace to slow down in life and meet new people. I certainly accomplished both.

Tamara Ferrier - July 2018


I've had such a great time. On the last day, as I somehow felt inspired to sing and dance my way out of Mt Aspiring National Park, I felt STRONG and INSPIRED! I want more of this and the fun we all shared. Whoops, too many "inspired" but that's honestly how I feel. I also loved the farewell dinner and how it was so nice to see us together like friends who had known each other for a lifetime. I'll be back!

Amy Bisson - July 2018

I can't wait to come along to another adventure!

To be in a beautiful place, while supported by wonderful women is an experience I'll never forget! I can't wait to come along to another adventure! I'm leaving Queenstown with a smile on my face, with wonderful memories.

Krystal Heldon - July 2018

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