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The pure rainforests of Urewera, a wilderness that owns itself under a new groundbreaking change in NZ law (and memorandum of understanding).
Two days hiking beside the distant Lake Waikaremoana; and Lake Waikareiti below at nearly 1000m above sea level
Lunch and a (brave!) swim en route to the Hut - Lake Waikaremoana
Camp shelter outside Waiopaoa Hut, on the lakeside
No batteries in this map! (but we are also yielding to GPS on digital these days)
The kiwi-style hiking trips have young people of all ages
Walking the Bluffs, Waikaremoana hike - one of New Zealand's Great Walks
Lake Waikaremoana water taxi dropping us off at the fisherman's cabins after 2 days trekking in the wilds
An hour's hike up through rainforest to Lake Waikareiti (900m)
Enjoying a lunch grab in the middle of nowhere
Bubbling mud pools near Waiotapu
Late afternoon stop on the big drive south to Tongariro Volcanoes.
Active geothermal area Waiotapu
Waiotapu Geothermal Area,Champagne pool. Yes it really does look like this!
 Waiotapu thermal area
The rarely visited and dry east side of Tongariro National Park - Rangipo desert
A natural hot river
Tongariro National Park
Crossing a stream off-track on the remote east of Tongariro Northern Circuit
The old  'sardine tin' Oturere Hut is always busy, but fun and still our favourite hut
Tongariro Mountain Huts - Gas heater, gas cook tops, bunk rooms and great conversation...all night!
Te Mari crater on Tongariro's north flank; fuming after a 2012 Hydrothermal eruption
Looking south from a highpoint west of the Tongariro crossing. Mt Ruapehu distant
 Mt Ngauruhoe in spring
We pass along the Tongariro Alpine Crossing - a section of the multi-day Nth Circuit route
Early summer's morning at  Emerald Lakes (Ngarotopounamu). We aim to arrive before the peace is plundered!
Tongariro Circuit -  a less-known (good weather) 4 hour shortcut via Upper Tama gets us where others don't roam
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