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A forest land of deep shade and tangled growth. A land of silence and mystery save for the voice of many waters;  Maud Moreland, 1911
Abel Tasman National Park. Golden granite-sand beaches and breathtakingly clear water make this a stunning area to hike and kayak.
 Abel Tasman National Park - named after the Dutch navigator in 1642, he was once thought to be the first european here - we are not so sure now!
South Island West Coast. And a magnificent sense of isolation. You can imagine this place before people walked here.
Chasing the sun to Aspiring Hut and getting the most out of another day. Aspiring National Park
Time to take a rest and enjoy summer in the Matukituki Valley
A classic New Zealand swing bridge; leading to the  Rob Roy Glacier trek.
On the West Coast, the Glaciers tumble to low altitudes - about 300m - but are receding quickly these days. No surprises there...
Hokitika is home to many artists, carvers and sculptors
Time for reflection on the West Coast
On multi day hikes we cook over fires or use portable cookers that we carry with us.
Campfire stories at the Ballroom Overhang
Our campsite at the Ballroom Overhang has been cut out by the Fox river over thousands of years. Paparoa National Park.
Guides share their wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. This is Dave, he is also the current pancake distance record holder.
The Spring wanderer stays in a variety of accommodation - from huts and camping to lodges and the odd wacky local spot.
The Fox River in Paparoa National Park. Excellent swimming on a sunny day.
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