Well organised

This is a well organised and competently led trip. It takes walkers into some true wilderness areas away from the usual tourist traffic and provides a wealth of awesome scenery. 

Ian - April 2017


I had many highlights,  but leaving the Young Valley and climbing into  the cloud enshrouding Gillespie Pass, where upon  it rapidly drifted away, opening up spectacular 360  degree views. 

Sandy - April 2017

We bloody loved it

It was all great. The scenery, the huts, the conversations, the grandeur, the isolation, the changing weather, the quiet, the snow on the peaks, and George was pretty bloody excellent (we did let him win 500 though)We bloody loved it. We are a group of 2 dads and 2 23yo sons and it was a once in a lifetime chance to do something like this in some of the best scenery in the world.

Roy - January 2017

Wonderful nature

I enjoyed the wonderful nature, the company of the other participant, the guide and people we met on the way and had some good exercise.

Katja Henschel - March 2014

Off the beaten track

Great experience, knowledgeable guide, challenge, amazing landscapes, off the beaten track.

Mark Roberts - March 2014

Get into the mountains

Good to get into the mountains and a very organised trip. Excellent guide and service overall.

Jaimie Navalli - December 2013

Good tramp, not overcrowded, well organized

Good tramp, not overcrowded, well organized. Favourite part of the trip was seeing the big mountains and going over Rabbit pass in nice weather. My safety was supervised well at the important time, with enough leeway not to feel like a child.

Yves - Gisborne, New Zealand, March 2013

Trip went over and above expectations

Amazing experience. Trip went over and above expectations. Our guide Tim was top-notch on all accounts. Information received prior to the trip was extensive and professional.

Kat - United Kingdom, February 2013

Spectacular scenery around both passes rivals anything

The spectacular scenery around both passes rivals anything we have seen on our tramps in various parts of New Zealand over ten years. The level of challenge in the Rabbit Pass trip was just right, with a great balance of protection and apparent risk. Thank you very much for all you have done to make our trips with Wild Walks over Gillespie Pass and Rabbit Pass so enjoyable and highlights of our holiday in New Zealand. Thank you also for looking after us so well in Wanaka. Your work dealing with accommodation, luggage and transport at short notice before and after our trips was truly exceptional, surpassing any similar support by any of the guiding businesses we have done trips with in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

Stephen & Sandy - Canberra, Australia, January 2013

Wonderful country with a feeling of remoteness

I was looking for the longest guided walk in a reasonably quiet location with an element of effort. Bronwen (our guide) did a great job on the hike. The overwhelming feeling from start to end was of competence which is always the most important factor in these activities. The day over Rabbit Pass was good as we left a hut,walked through forest, scree, tussock and then ended at our open air camp so it was a bit of everything in one day. Wonderful country with a feeling of remoteness and some effort in covering the territory. Also a wonderful alternative of climate as opposed to always baking in the Australian summer.

P C - Australia, January 2012

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