Jul 3rd, 2019

Winners of the 2019 #myadventure #mypeople photo competition


Our Hiking New Zealand and Active Earth Adventures photo competition has been keeping our office staff ohhing and ahhing over photo entries for five years now.

This year we chose a theme that encapsulates the stunning adventure playground we call home with the people who bring the place alive #myadventure #mypeople. We are a land of awe-inspiring vistas at every turn and our guides bring the destination alive with stories of the land, the flora and fauna and our rich cultural history. Our guides, the New Zealand locals and your fellow like-minded travellers are key to elevating the adventure to a trip of a lifetime.

During the last five years, we have received 1000’s of images to gaze over. We really enjoy seeing what you have all captured during your time with us on one of our trips and really appreciate the effort it takes to enter. Once again we asked the very talented photographers Rob Brown and Jeannine Tuffin to judge the overall winner, who will receive NZ$1000 towards future travel with Hiking New Zealand and Active Earth Adventures. A chance to come back and explore another corner of New Zealand or perhaps discover another magical land via our Active Earth Adventures brand – the global arm of Hiking New Zealand. So far we have given over NZ$7000 in prizes!


The overall winner is:
Pam Fashingbauer who travelled on our Ultimate New Zealand.


Aspiring Hike Winner

Rob and Jeannine’s words were…photography is all about light and composition. It's these things that capture the feeling for the viewer. This shot in the Matukituki Valley stood out as it has both of these key things and gives a wonderful feel of walking down this valley in the early morning. The composition of walking to the light is always more successful than looking away from it.



The monthly winners (below) each received a NZ$100 Amazon Voucher and were judged by the office team at Hiking New Zealand.


WINNER - NOVEMBER 2019 - Angelo Giannichronis, Custom Tour

Mt Cook and Lake Pukaki


This image was taken during Angelo’s tailor-made trip with us around the South Island. Visiting Aoraki/Mt Cook was high on his list of places to visit we ensured it was woven into his customized itinerary.


WINNER - DECEMBER 2019 Hannah and Judy Jepson, Ultimate New Zealand   Misty Tongaririo Crossing


The misty scene captured here really captured us! Tongariro National Park on a day like this day is a place where you really feel like you could’ve been on the moon.


WINNER - JANUARY 2019, Lauren Hollingsworth, Hollyford Track

Hike the Hollyford Track

We really loved the way the bridge led your eyes into the unknown, there is certainly an adventure to be had in that lush landscape. The blues and greens in this image along with the contrasting whites captured our interest.


WINNER - FEBRUARY 2019 -  Katja Kowaltschuk, Ultimate South

Kayaking Milford Sound

This image was judged 2nd for the overall award by Rob and Jeannine: “The simplicity of this photograph stood out for us. There is a serenity about the stillness of the water and the morning mist that makes you feel like you really want to be there. Having the two kayakers dressed in bright colours definitely helps, but the light on the kayak here is perfect for the scene.”


WINNER - MARCH 2019 -  Brian Stone, Gillespie and Rabbit Pass

Gillespie and Rabbit Pass Hike

Also featured in Rob and Jeannine’s list, 3rd overall “This photograph has a great feel of a group moving through a dramatic part of the New Zealand mountains. The walkers moving from left to right in the composition with the river composed on the right is perfect. And both these elements lead your eye into the dramatic backdrop of this steep, moody head wall the trampers are heading towards.”


WINNER - APRIL 2019 – Jos Benner, Hollyford Track 

Hollyford Beach hiking

The coastline at Martin’s Bay in Fiordland is wild and untamed. This is a very isolated region of New Zealand and this image captures that feeling of remoteness in a rugged environment.


Congratulations to our winners.

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