Mar 27th, 2013




NEW TOURS - The Family Northern Explorer  includes plenty of swimming in secret coves of turquoise water, lots of brilliant short walks and one big day hike. Children from the age of eight can achieve the day walks and kayaking on offer. The Family Southern Explorer is an opportunity for children and parents/caregivers alike to discover amazing sights, set and meet physical challenges, take part in rewarding group activities and share the adventures with other families on the trip. This trip is more challenging as we have two overnight hikes where backpacks will be carried by all so is suitable for students 13 years and over.

We have a real passion for the outdoors here at Hiking New Zealand and relish our opportunity to share New Zealand's stunning wilderness. All four owners of Hiking New Zealand have young families and see firsthand the benefits their children get from exploring the outdoors in a safe environment. I was a teacher before Daniel and I bought into the business and my passion for education has seen us create these Family Safaris, where a parent/caregiver can travel with their child and experience the sense of accomplishment that goes with facing and overcoming challenges in the outdoors.

These Safaris are not intended to be structured learning experiences, however, by the very nature of the tours they build people's self esteem and independence. The adults and children/ young adults alike connect to the environment and develop a care and guardianship for Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Grab a son, daughter, niece, nephew or neighbour and come get out of the office in the school holidays and get into the outdoors.

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