Dec 12th, 2012

What is our swing like?

Now days it seems like a lot of us can not last 24 hours without a decent coffee - instant coffee just does not seem to do the job. This can present problems when heading off into the hills for a few days, miles away from your favorite café. Don’t despair, we have a solution and it does not require a fancy Italian stove top coffee pot to make the daily fix. 

Our Suggestion - try it "cowboy style". Simply put your fresh coffee grounds in the bottom of the billy (pot with wire handle) and pour the required amount of just boiled water over the top. Tap the side of the billy a few times with a spoon (not sure what this does, someone told me it breaks the surface tension - yeah right). Then go outside of the hut or tent and make sure there is nothing above you - low flying aircraft etc. Start swinging the billy around and around a complete 360 degree circle (vertically). I go in both directions about 10 times each. Be careful when you bring it to a stop, you might spill some! This is not as hazardous as it sounds, but do take care all the same. After the spin the grounds will have settled to the bottom of the billy, so you can scoop out your fresh espresso. A quick boil (5 seconds) will sink any rogue floaters you may have. Using a fine grind (espresso) can also help the grinds to settle quicker. 

WARNING - do not attempt this if you are not a confident swinger, if you get cold feet halfway through the maneuver you might end up with a pot of hot coffee over your head and chances are you will be a few hours away from medical care! Also check the handle on your billy first! Attempt cowboy coffee at your own risk and perhaps perfect your swinging technique with cold water at home first.

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