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For many years, as a business,  we have channeled money to environmental causes. From dolphins to trees, from pest control to community education. So a thanks to all of our customers over the years, you have enabled us to donate over NZ$85,000 through our New Zealand Wildlife Fund to these causes. This is something we are very proud of - a huge thank you for your contribution to this fund.

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Our Responsible Tourism Statement

Welcome to Hiking New Zealand, and thank you for being a responsible and environmentally conscious traveller. If you weren't, you would not have taken the simple step of reading our statement. 

Our entire business is based around our natural environment, our rivers, mountains, lakes, coastlines, forests and wildlife. These are our assets and our futures depend on them. 

No doubt you will have high expectations of what you are going to see and experience in New Zealand, and we want to ensure that those expectations are met and exceeded, not just now but in the future too. Your children and grandchildren (and generations to come) should also be able to experience that raw and pristine beauty that New Zealand has to offer. To this end we have developed our own environmental plan and welcome your support for this initiative. 

Our founding objectives were all about getting people out into the wilderness, to learn, be inspired, and have fun and to foster greater environmental awareness.

Environmental Guidelines

We follow when hiking in the wilderness. These guidelines have been modelled on the environmental care code promoted by The Department of Conservation.

New Zealand Wildlife Fund

This fund enables you to put something back into preserving some of the unique and endangered creatures that live in New Zealand

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Trees for Trampers

In an ideal world we would all be out there in our spare time planting trees, to restore our native habitats, encourage bird life, beautify our neighbourhoods and soak up carbon emissions but in reality, life gets busy and you may not get these opportunities, to make it easier we will plant a tree on your behalf in return for a small donation.

Our environmental plan

Our plan includes a multitude of other procedures that are implemented both in our office and out in the field. All these are aimed at reducing our consumption of resources and non renewable energy sources and reusing and recycling instead of sending to the landfill. We will continue to promote hiking as a tourism activity as we firmly believe that the benefits are far reaching, the environmental effects are low and very much outweighed by the fact that the preservation of our natural world depends on getting people from all walks of life out there to experience it. That way we can all know how much there is to lose, and doing nothing is not an option.

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We also regularly monitor potentially sensitive sites by taking digital photographs over time and comparing results. Guides are briefed on a route and photos are taken throughout the season to monitor effects. This is a procedure that we have put in place ourselves to mitigate against any detrimental effects. We also assist in the trapping of rats and stoats in the Lake Waikaremoana are on a regular basis, and do this by working closely with the Department of Conversation by carrying in traps in on their behalf.

We have a proven history of running sustainable guided hiking tours which is backed up with our exemplary operational and safety procedures.

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