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When we started in the outdoor adventure business, like many idealistic environmental types we wanted to create a workplace that resonated with our own values, and we also wanted to save the world. We are pretty happy where we are with the first goal, while the second is still … a work in progress. One small step, at least, was our founding in 1998 of a fund to support research into New Zealand wildlife. Through it, our desire to put something back into conservation became a reality. Each year we make a substantial donation to support many conservation initiatives. 

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Over the years, we have donated almost $100,000 to help various New Zealand wildlife projects, but we like to think that what happens out there on our trips is at least as important. We awaken a whole lot of people to the simple but unmatchable satisfaction that comes from being active in the wilderness, and we bring people from so many cultures and countries together. Through their shared enjoyment of our trips, they are all reminded of what actually matters, to them and to each other. Many of our customers have formed enduring lifelong friendships across cultures and the globe, and there’s even been a few marriages that had their genesis on one of our trips!


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